Our first summer performance week proves to be a huge success

We danced, we acted, we did gymnastics, we made props, we baked , we performed to an audience and we all had a great time......

Monday – On the first day of our holiday camp we focused on getting to know each other and getting to know the different styles and genres we would be exploring in the week.  Our main focus was drama as a few hadn’t done any before so we explored different role play scenes. 

Tuesday – We welcomed Chloe for the first time to learn our first performance dance- “never fully dressed without a smile” In the afternoon we did a little arts and crafts and singing


Wednesday – We learnt our second routine which included all three- singing/dance/drama- I dont need anything but you.
We also welcomed Alana , our 2nd guest teacher to work on some gymnastics skills.  We were also very pleased to put these tricks into a routine to show in the performance. Alana was great and she really helped us learn some new skills.
Thursday – Chloe came for the last time and finished off our routine. We also had to have some props on the dance so we worked on them.
In the afternoon we designed an invitation to take home to invite our parents to the performance. We also worked on our drama piece which was the – hard knock life. We used brooms and cloths as our props to set the scene of a dirty orphanage.
Friday – This was our last day. We spent the morning practising our routines and baking cookies for our parents to enjoy whilst they watched our performance.
At 3pm our parents came in and we helped serve them drinks and our cookies. Our performance was a huge success, we remembered all our moves and smiled the whole way through. Our parents were thoroughly entertained from start to finish and are already looking forward to our next one!