Alfreton Show - Dress Rehearsal

On Sunday 12th November we held our dress rehearsal at David Nieper Academy, where most of our children in the Alfreton branch (and some from Markham) will be performing next week!

The children put so much effort into the whole day as well as all the weeks leading up to it and it proved to be one of the best show rehearsals we have seen!

We began the day by rehearsing the group dances – all the infants danced together for two fun songs and all the juniors danced together for their two great songs too. 

This was followed by a full rehearsal in running order to give the children an idea of what the stage was like, how it would be having people watching them dance and practising entrances and exits using the wings.

Quick break for lunch to rest and grab a bite to eat! During this time, some of our Markham children joined us and it was lovely to see lots of new friendships being made.

After lunch, the children got all their costumes together for the full dress rehearsal to get our heads around timings and costume changes and any wardrobe malfunctions! This went very well and we are really looking forward to the big show next week!!



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